About La Nonna

Who We Are

La Nonna is an independent neighbourhood Italian restaurant bringing artisan-crafted fresh pasta plates to the heart of Brixton’s vibrant and bustling Market Row. Celebrating the best of speciality and seasonal produce from Italy and the UK, La Nonna is all about humble, honest and uncomplicated cooking in an intimate relaxed  open kitchen environment. Expect a mix of thoughtfully-refreshed versions of comforting Roman family recipes as well as more innovative daily-changing dishes paired with organic wines and Italian inspired cocktails and beers.

The story

Our story began at Flat Iron Square in 2018 when lifelong friends and business partners Daniele and Eduardo spotted an opportunity to bring a fresh pasta concept to London Bridge’s favourite street food market. Using Daniele’s Italian Nonna and her traditional recipes as inspiration we embarked on a mission to create the freshest pasta dishes which symbolise tradition and the love of a Nonna. Our pasta is freshly made daily with zero zero flour from Italy and it is either combined with egg or just water and salt. All of our sauces are made in- house with a Nonna’s love using the freshest ingredients sourced from Italy and our UK homeland. Nonna’s dishes are finished with a sprinkle of Pecorino or Parmigiano Reggiano cheese depending on preference and tradition and of course the pasta will be always cooked al dente, Nonna’s way!

Why Fresh Pasta

For La Nonna, fresh pasta is a way of life! But why do we prefer it to dry pasta? As a rule of thumb fresh pasta goes better with butter based sauces and fillings whereas dry is supposedly better with heavy meat sauces but in our opinion nothing beats fresh pasta paired with a delicious artisanal sauce. This is why: when using egg it adds another layer of flavour to the dishes. Secondly the more delicate and soft texture of the pasta makes every mouthful that much more enjoyable and lastly is the absorption of sauciness by the fresh pasta adding even more flavour to the dish.